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So, you found your way off of the Interstate, and ended up in my neck of the Urban Landscape.... And about now, you're wonderin', what have i found here??? Well, as I said, this is my token effort to preach the virtues of that masterpiece of gaming, Cyberpunk.

Ok, so other gaming stuff may end up here as well, and thus this site will grow. But for now, it will be dedicated to the mighty Cyberpunk.

Long live the chrome.gif!!!!!!!

This here's a new site, and the owner isn't that much of an artist. So at the moment, there is a saddening lack of images...
:( However, if you would like to help out and would like to submit an image that you think would match up with something on this site, then go ahead, send it to me!! I'm not promising anything, but it might just get used!! :)

Oh, and please be honest and not send me art that you have scammed of the 'net, as I don't want to offend any of the other webmasters out there..... :)

So, to help quench that burning desire for guns, vehicles, cyberware, guns, roles, cyberware, and more, here is a list o links to various parts of my site that will have you drooling over your new Taw Taw Ventilator SMG.......


Please note that this site is still under construction, and some links may be unavailable....

First posted Sunday, 11th of March, 2000. At 04:17am....... First major Update posted 24th of March, 2000. At 24:00.... Second major Update posted 3rd of July, 2000. at 01:48.... 3rd major Update posted at 11th of November, 2000. At 02:56.... 4th major Update posted at 20th of January, 2001. at 01:00....

Site Map new.gif New Page!! Yay, a site map. Woo Hoo.....
Rules new.gif New Page!! This page will be where I will place all those little rules that I have made up....
Weapons of Mass Destruction Things that go !BANG! in the middle of the night, the day, in the combat zone, corporate boardrooms... Supplied by TAW TAW Weapons INC.... Just added, Firearm Mods & Accessories!!
Equipment atwork.gif
Vehicles Some stuff here, but editing is still in progress... Just added, Vehicular Options!!
Cyberware Plug it in and play.....
Corporations updated.gif Taw Taw Weapons Inc. finally added.
Campaign Ideas updated.gif Now divided into two sections for two different Cyberpunk Settings, MutantPunk and >>OZONE<<.
Cyco's Netware Archive atwork.gif
Roles A couple of new roles, what more needs to be said?
Drugs Not quite finished at the moment, but will be one day :)
My Bio This isn't really finished, but then, it never truely will be, will it? :)
Downloads All the files gathered in one place for easy downloading. Gee, arn't I helpfull??? ;)
Links My Links Page, to other Cyberpunk Sites, and a few others..... ;)
Pokamon Just Indulge Me, OK? Warning: May offend the young... >;)

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The Important (but boring) Necessity : The Disclaimer....

First of let me say that this is for the enjoyment of all, and so is the concept of roleplaying. So need I say the following? Yep, just to cover my butt... If I forgot to mention anyone, or you want me to change or get rid of something, please let me know. I will change it, promise... :) Enought chatter.

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